Taproom & Beer Garden

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Voted “Best Event Space” in 2017 & 2018

Our taproom is a place for everyone! Come and say hi to our friendly staff, watch the game, enjoy time with family and friends, and most importantly enjoy our current beer list!


Make a reservation!

We are a great choice for birthday parties, meetings, and small or large gatherings of any kind. Let us know how we can accommodate you!

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What is there to eat?

We do not have our own kitchen, but don’t worry we got you covered!


Have a fundraiser coming up?

We love supporting our community in any way we can. If you are a registered non-profit looking for donations fill out our form and we’ll see what we can do!

Brewery Etiquette

-All Ages Welcome & Dog Friendly-


  • No food or drink in the playroom

  • If your child is not in the playroom, they need to be at your table. No running throughout the taproom.

  • Coloring books are welcome at your table but please do not take toys out of the playroom.

  • Help your child clean up toys, coloring books, and chalk when they are done using them.

  • Bar games (cornhole) are for grownups. It’s fine to play a round or two with the kiddies, but yield to other patrons after that.

  • Do not leave children unattended (even in the playroom). It is not our duty to make sure your children are being safe.

    We welcome families with open arms! We can continue to do this if our space and environment is treated with respect. Please be considerate of those around you.


  • Dogs are allowed in the taproom and beer garden as long as they are on a non-retractable leash and near their owner at ALL times.

  • Aggressive or disruptive behavior will NOT be tolerated. Barking and/or aggressive dogs will be asked to go leave.

  • Dogs may not block pathways or interrupt the flow of walkways or doorways.

  • If a potty accident occurs please be a responsible dog owner and clean it up. This includes both parking lots and grass in front of our building! We have baggies available!

  • If any injury is caused by your dogs actions you are 100% liable for any treatment an/or care. If an incident does occur (bite, scratch, trip, etc.) you will be required to provide your ID and contact information to our staff. This is to protect our staff and other customers.

We love dogs so much it hurts sometimes! We can continue to allow dogs if everyone plays by the rules and is considerate of other guests. Thank you for your cooperation.



  • Any outside food, Including take-out/delivery and catered meals

  • Any NON-alcoholic drinks (juice/pop/etc)

  • Croc Pots, chafing dishes

  • Decorations (table cloths, banners, balloons)


  • Confetti or glitter

  • Personal wine or other alcoholic beverages

  • Any fuel burning devices inside the taproom (gas grills etc.)

  • If your group is smaller than expected please condense your items/decorations/group to allow other guests to sit

Going to be late?

If you know you will be late please call us and we will give you a 15 minute grace period. Without communication, we will pull your reservation after 15 minutes.


On big event days/special events we may not take any reservations at all or only allow our Mug Club members & Farm Boss members to make reservations. We hope you understand!

*Trivia Reservations: In order to accommodate teams wanting to play trivia, you must be a Farm Hand or Farm Boss member to reserve space after 5pm on Wednesdays.Trivia starts at 7pm and if you do not have a reservation all other seats are first come first serve!

  • Trivia reservations can only be made day off.

  • All reservations can be no later than 6pm. If late, you will get a 15 min. grace period and then it will be pulled.

  • Only 1 table per Farm Hand/Farm Boss

  • Once we get 3 tables reserved, we will make no more reservations for that day. Call early! (this is to allow new customers and walk-ins a fair chance)