Bottles & Cans

We offer a limited selection of our beer in bottles and cans.


Inventory changes daily.

Year round: La Raza Ambar & Cold Beer Pilsner (12 oz cans)

Spring/summer: 16oz cans of Valley Gold (16oz cans)

Fall/Winter: Mt. Baker Black Lager (16oz cans)

Specialty: Steer You Right Imperial Stout (15ml bottle) / Brahma Barley Wine (15ml bottle)

Growlers, Crowlers & Mason Jars

We will fill any size growler from any of your favorite breweries!



crowler can image.png
  • Regular priced growler fills- $13 64oz / $8 32oz

  • Specialty priced growler fills- $18 64oz / $14 32oz

Pints-To-Go: Were you going to buy a mason jar anyway? Our logo mason jars have lids!

  • First Fill = $2 ($4 for specialty beers)

  • Bring it back for the regular pint price + tax

Don’t miss $10 growler Fill Mondays! (excludes specialty beer and 32 oz sizes)


Requests can be made in the taproom, the form below or over the phone!


Here are the basics:

1/2 bbl = 15.5 gallons = 120 pints / $135-$250 1/6 bbl = 5 gallons = 40 pints / $80-105

  • Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Beer availability changes weekly!

  • A request is not a guarantee! We will get back to you as soon as we can about your pick-up date.

  • Since inventory changes so frequently we can not confirm requests more than 2 weeks in advance. For all other requests please give us at least 48hrs notice. (This means make your requests at least by Thursday afternoon to get kegs for the weekend)

  • We can also take reservations over the phone (360) 873-8852

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