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3rd Annual Wort Challenge

  • Farmstrong Brewing Co. 110 Stewart Rd Mt. Vernon WA, 98273 (map)


  • @ Farmstrong, 12pm-3pm or until it's gone!

  • Come in through the brewery bay door (gravel lot)

  • Bring your own vessel (5-15 gallon size)

  • Must be able to transport HOT wort at 180 degrees

  • Use glass carboys at own risk

  • 96% NZ151 Pale Malt & 4% Caramel 30 (100% SVM)

  • Gravity roughly 13 Plato or 1.053 SG

  • Yeast and hops are up to you!

To Submit:

  • Bring 2 bottles to the Farmstrong taproom May 5th-11th

  • Winner will be announced May 18th

  • We will assign your beer a number so we can conduct a blind judging!