Food Options


Food Truck

Current Food Truck: Java JoJos on the Go Sunday Noon-8pm, Monday 3-8pm, Tuesday-Saturday Noon-8pm


If you have a favorite restaurant that delivers, have them drop it off at Farmstrong! If you’re not sure who does, check out Munchie Dude, Skagit Valley’s own food delivery service. They are fast, friendly and have a wide variety of options.

Brown Bag It

Bring your own! Stop by your favorite food joint and bring it in, or bring your dinner from home. Watching the football game? Then why not bring in a croc-pot of chili for the whole family. We aren’t kidding, you can bring in any outside food or drinks (as long as they are non-alcoholic)!


Taproom Snacks

Current offerings:

Pretzles $1

Chex Mix $1

Skagit’s Best Salsa (16oz) $6

Juanitas Chips (full bag) $3

Jo’Nutz (salt & garlic or spicy peanuts) $6