Our Brews

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  • NW Farmhouse Ale

    A snappy, rustic beer with grainy malt flavors and a faint pinch of honey-like sweetness. Our farmhouse ale offers lots of spicy yeast esters, including clove and pepper. The Sorachi Ace hops lend a lemony, citrus flavor to our Northwest interpretation of this true old world classic.

  • Cold Beer Pilsner

    An insanely sessionable lager with a surprising amount of flavor. This is the new Northwest light lager that you are going to love!

  • Pull & Be Damned Porter

    A robust porter full of big roasted flavor. Earthy with a slight nutty flavor with hints of cocoa and coffee. It’s a big, flavorful beer that finishes surprisingly clean. This will be your new favorite porter!

  • Wize Hefe’r

    A true Bavarian Hefeweizen. This beer offers hints of Banana and Clove aromas with a full body and flavor that true Bavarian beer lovers will crave. Prost!

  • Barn Raisin’ Brown

    A smooth, full bodied Brown Ale. Ours is lightly hopped with just a touch of malty sweetness. An extremely drinkable ale that pairs well with just about any food.


  • Stackin’ Hay IPA

    This IPA has a dank, inviting nose and clean malt backbone. Stackin’ Hay has doesn’t shy away from it’s classic Northwest assertive bittering yet finishes crisp and dry. Hop flavors provide notes of grass, pine, grapefruit rind and spruce needles. You will love this Northwest IPA!

  • Black Saison

    Our seasonal Saison offering for winter. A black saison with all of the traditional characteristics of a funky farmhouse ale and a roasty malt backbone. Typically found holding court on Handle 8 during the dark, cold days of winter.

  • Steer You Right Imperial Stout

    Offers immensely complex flavors and a big malt body. Subtle hints off Cocoa and coffee can be present with a slightly boozy finish. Not sure where your day is headed? This beer will “Steer You right”. This beer is very well suited for aging.



  • Here We Gose

    Our inaugural brew, made with 100% Skagit Valley Malting grains grown right here in the valley. An older German style ale brewed with Sea Salts. Ours has been kettle soured for two days and then dry-hopped after complete fermentation. This one is special!

  • Mike in the Mornings Coffee Porter

    Our robust porter beautifully blended with Fidalgo Coffee’s cold brew and nitro poured. Made for our favorite local radio host Mike in the Morning!

  • Salvador

    A kettle soured golden ale with citrus and tropical fruit flavors shining through.

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